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Individual Complete Nutrition Program 

The most intensive individual nutritional program available.  The standard program is 3-months and is excellent for most athletes in their off-season preparations, in preparation for a competition deadline or for school scholarships.

This program is unique in that it is customized and individualized as we go based on the completion of daily food journals, dialogue regarding training, activity, sleep patterns, supplementation, energy levels and body composition. 

The full individual nutritional program features the following:

· Examine personal nutritional status, allergies and food intolerances through daily nutrition journals, medical history, cultural group

· Council on supplementation quality, timing around training/activity, contraindications and integration into current routine/training

· Dialogue regarding training, activity, sleep patterns, energy levels and how nutrition impacts quality of all of these areas

· Detail body composition before and after program; major emphasis on achieving required percentage body fat/muscle and desired weight in prescribed time period

· Maximize player capacity through nutrition-specific recommendations based on player ice position

· Weekly meetings on-site, by phone or internet communication

· Analysis of body composition (completed at third party) before and after program

This program requires completion of a waiver and a client intake assessment form available by email.  Please inquire for availability, schedule and rates.