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Jaime Cruickshank, 2006 Bobsled Olympian

For 10 months out of the year I train for and compete in the sport of bobsleigh on the Women's National team. I am also a passionate yogini and teacher. I live and breathe wellness. I train 5 days a week for 3-4 hours a day. I practice yoga daily and teach when I can. I go to physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and to the chiropractor to make sure that my body is in prime condition. Between the gaps I try to find time to have fun and exist in the real world. This doesn't leave me much time to think about anything else. I don't know how I existed before I started working with Lovie. Nutrition is a key aspect in achieving a high quality of life as well as, achieving excellence in elite level sports. It is like the fuel you put into your car. Lovie has given me the building blocks for success with a nutritional program that based on my individual needs. Since working with Lovie when I get up in the morning I feel fantastic, I train hard and the next day I get up and I feel fantastic! I am very passionate about what I do and it is refreshing to work with someone who is also very passionate about what they do. Lovie just gets it!

Thanks Lovie for all that you are. I wouldn't be where I am today without your support and guidance!

Rob Smith, Entreprenuer, 2008

Odarka Cruickshank, Union Securities Ltd., 2008

Lovie is an extremely professional speaker with an incredible range of expertise in the health and nutrition profession. Although her in depth knowledge would imply delivery of information above the level of her audience, that is certainly not the case. She is able to breakdown very complex information in such a way that it is accessible to all levels present. In this particular case, Lovie was speaking to a group of individuals employed in the “full service brokerage” industry where stress is high and nutrition support is not.

I have discovered the importance of the connection between nutrition and supplementation when exercising and trying to live a healthful life. I also wanted to achieve this goal using natural supplementation and needed to consult with someone completely conversant in this area. My intention was and continues to be to avoid unnecessary medical intervention through living a healthy and happy life style. I was exercising, eating “healthy”, supplementing and still struggling.

Lovie was able to fill in the nutrition and supplementation blanks for me. She is currently my first “go to” resource and we have worked through several issues related to exercise, nutrition, supplementation and perimenopause. She is an invaluable ally. What I have learnt from her has brought me to my goal of a healthy, happy and informed life.

Dalyn Flatt, Saskatoon Blades, 2004

My name is Dalyn Flatt, and I am a second year player for the Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club of the Western Hockey League. I am 6’3.5 and weigh in at 217 lbs with 6.6% body fat. My first WHL season was an injury riddled campaign resulting in two surgeries at the end of the season. This is where Lovie came in.

I have had two personal trainers throughout my five years of training for competitive hockey and both were involved with my nutrition. With both of these trainers, I felt severe discomforts such as bloating, cramps, etc. Last year towards the end of my first WHL season, I was introduced to Lovie by the Blades. From that very first meeting, Lovie’s eyes lit up at a chance to change the life of this young person and that is exactly what she did.

In short, Lovie changed my diet and I haven’t looked back since. I recovered fully and quickly from my two surgeries and have excelled since. This year I played all 72 regular season games and missed only one practice. I also logged an average 22+ minutes of ice time a night. My on-ice performance has improved greatly enough to allow me to be rated 58th in North America among the draft eligible players. I thank Lovie for the knowledge and guidance she has given me, so I was able to play the most grueling schedule known to semi-professional hockey players.

Mitch Berg, Saskatoon Blades, 2007

I was drafted first round to the Saskatoon Blades in the 2006 Bantam Draft. It was always my intention to play in the WHL at 16. Therefore, I knew I had to be in the best possible physical condition, and with my body composition to be at the WHL requirement.

When I first started seeing Lovie in March of 2007, my body composition was 15% . I knew that was too high and I also knew that I needed solid direction on how to bring that % down to 10. Lovie coached me, encouraged me, and taught me on what to eat, when to eat and why. Lovie also helped me mentally on my goals.

By training camp with the Saskatoon Blades in August of 2007, my body comp was 9.8%. Since that time, I have been able to use Lovie’s directions to retain a low body composition and in May 2008, at the Saskatoon Blades Spring Camp, my body composition was 10%. Thank you Lovie for everything. I really appreciated all that you taught me so that I have been able to obtain my goals.

Mark M. Donlevy, Saskatoon Firefighter, 2008

Lovie is a very professional woman who delivers information at many different levels. She found the specific needs of the Firefighters, gathered the information that pertained to our environment, then presented it to us in a manner that we understood and made sense to us. She was able to understand the lifestyle, hours and stresses of being a Firefighter. She then made sense of the information and gave us the recipe necessary to enhance our lives and assist in helping our bodies cope with the stresses that are placed on it daily.

Lovie is more than just a nutritional counsellor. Her advice is far more valuable than just what to eat. She understands the body - what is does, why it does it, and how different things affect it. This knowledge of hers is invaluable when trying to put together a game plan that incorporates diet, exercise and recovery post-exercise. Lovie teaches over all well being and wholeness, not just exercise and nutrition.

In working with Lovie, I have learned many things. Yet comp aired to her knowledge, I know nothing at all. The greatest and most valuable piece of information that Lovie gave me was that the word diet is a fad - it is a period of time and nothing more. She taught me about lifestyle choices - eating healthy and working with your body will help you to maintain a healthy weight as well a more vibrant and fulfilling way of life.

Angela Kerr (Carroll), Canada Cup Bodybuilding Champion

Lovie is amazing!

To this day I am still in awe at how she was able to pinpoint what my weight would be when I would have to weigh in at the Canada Cup one week prior to the competition. It was the last time I consulted with Lovie before I left for the competition. At weigh in, my weight was exactly what she said it would be - I was shocked.

Her knowledge in fitness and nutrition is incredible. She is by far the best I know. Although I now live in New York, Lovie is still my "go to" for all things pertaining to health, nutrition and fitness.

I just want to say with her guidance I won Miss Southern Saskatchewan Lightweight, Saskatchewan Women's Lightweight Championship, Miss Saskatchewan and the Canada Cup Bodybuilding Championship.