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Athlete Quotes

Lovie`s challenge is to make sure that the race car (that's me!) efficiently and effectively uses premium fuel to get across the finish line the fastest! She's definitely the one to make it happen.”
- Jaime Lee Cruickshank , Canadian Olympic Women`s Bobsled Team, 2008,

“[I am glad Lovie is] reaching out to as many people in trying to help them with there nutrition. its amazing how nutrition and the right supplements can increase your training.”
- Mike Green, 2004, Washington Capitols

“Lovie is Saskatoon’s best kept secret!  I simply trust no one else.”
-Dean Eisner, Personal Trainer, Saskatoon , 2008 

“...the knowledge and guidance Lovie has given me enabled me to play the most grueling schedule known to semi-professional hockey players.”
- Dalyn Flatt, Saskatoon Blades Defenceman, 2005